Marketing to millennials is completely different from any other generation. They want to feel like they connect to brands and they choose brands that they think represent who they are. Companies that connect to this influential demographic need to have a persona that is unique and genuine. Unlike generations before them, millennials want more than just a “good product” to keep them loyal to a brand. With more than 90% of millennials on social media, it is the perfect platform to not only establish your brand’s personality, but also spread your key messages in an authentic way.

1/3 Millennials Prefer to Use Social Media to Communicate with Businesses

The Facts: Millennials want to connect with businesses on social media. As stated above, roughly 33%prefer social media to any other medium, but5 out of 6 millennials interact with businesses via social media in some way.

Tip: Share what you represent as a company on social media, not just what you sell.

66% of Millennials Follow Brands for Coupons or Other Incentives

The Facts: 51% of millennials are willing to share personal information with companies when offered an incentive.

Tips: After you have a consumer’s personal information, such as an email address, you are able to stay in near constant contact with them and keep the brand freshly on their mind, which will most likely lead to future sales. Calculation of social media’s ROI should include reach and engagement, such as garnering likes and website clicks.

Millennials Rely on Online Product Reviews When Making Purchases

The Facts: 84% of millennials make purchasing decisions based on user-generated content. If you have an awesome product, that’s great. The problem is that it might not be enough to convince millennials to buy your product over someone else’s.

Tips: Millennials want to see organic, first hand reviews of products. A testimonial in a commercial or ad does not hold the same weight as real life, unpaid people’s accounts. Give customers a platform to review your product, which will encourage buy-in and sales.