Gone are the days that 18-34yearold males are the most important demographic. Moms make the purchasing decisions, and hold the most spending power. They research products for the whole family and determine what brands and products make their ways into homes. Momsumers cannot be ignored and marketers must find new ways to attract this demographic if they want to stay competitive in the marketplace.

What Makes Moms Powerful Consumers

Moms are the decision makers.

According to Forbes, moms hold an estimated$2.1 trillion in spending power, influence 85% of all purchase decisions and buy almost all products for their entire family.

Moms listen to other moms.

The amount of active mommy bloggers has continued to rise over the past few years, and their influence is undeniable. 74% of moms buy products based on blog mentions. Moms trust other moms, and companies should use that knowledge to their advantage, but more on that later.

Moms are loyal customers.

Moms are 82% more likely to buy brands they have connected with on social media. Social media gives moms a platform to not only see what the brand has to offer, but also how other people have reviewed the product.

Social media offers moms an unbiased view of the company. She can see customer service firsthand by looking at how customer comments are replied to, and she can see product and brand reviews in one place.

With 68% of moms following at least one brand on social media,and 85% of moms using Facebook everyday, making them susceptible to targeted Facebook ads, social media reigns as the superior way to reach moms.

Moms and Online Shopping

Moms love online shopping.

Moms do 58% of all online shopping, and they make 90% of their purchases online. Moms rely heavily on search engines and social media to find products and reviews, making it more important than ever for brands to be active online and make their presence known.

Moms do their research.

71% of moms research products online before buying them.

It is soimportant for brands to be active online, meaning they must interact with customers, react appropriately to critical reviews, and have an easy to find forum for product discussion and reviews.

Moms care about these things, and they listen. They also notice when a brand lacks these types of platforms for consumer interaction, and it may be what causes them to choose another brand.

How to Get Moms Attention Online

Offer a bargain and gain moms’ loyalty.

81% of moms say they are more likely to engage with a brand on social media when a reward is offered. The cost of raising a family is steadily rising so moms are always on the hunt for the best prices. Offering rewards on social media is a great way to gain followers, especially moms.

Don’t underestimate the power of mommy bloggers.

Reaching out to mommy bloggers can be a rewarding marketing opportunity for brands. As mentioned before, moms trust what they have to say, and one blog mention could have a snowball effect on brand exposure.

Offer VIP benefits.

67% of moms are willing to pay for an “elite status” in exchange for perks, such as free shipping. Offering an elite status program,Establishing a VIP program will instantly gain loyalty (provided that your product delivers what it says it will)when purchased. The fact thatSince they have pre-paid for this status, they, will automatically make the brand their go-to choice.